In 17 years of experience we have developed a proprietary method,
unique and professional to select properties with the greatest potential for income.

For each real estate transaction, we develop an in-depth study
based on the customer's objective, and based on:

  • Choice of / builder / property / apartment
  • Competitor analysis
  • Rentability and income forecast
  • Payment plan available and leveraged
  • Price
  • ROI and ROE
  • Resale
  • Property management

Our Checklist

Choice of developer / builder

This aspect satisfies SAFETY and QUALITY.

There are builders that are safer and more suitable than others.

The location in the location in the location

Our famous "Location cubed": a method that allows you to never make a mistake in the area, GETTING THE AREAS RIGHT and avoiding the incorrect or stagnant areas.

There are areas that will greatly appreciate themselves, how do you identify them?

The layout

The right type for an investment: better a studio or a two-room apartment? A cottage? How should it be arranged and why? Remember that not all properties are suitable for a profitable investment.

The characteristics of the property and the facilities

The view, the height, the services and shops, the road accesses, the public services in the surroundings, etc. can make the property better than another.

The price

The deal is done on purchase, never on resale.

Do you know the techniques to negotiate the price here in Dubai? Do you know who the Don't Wanter are, why they exist and how to access them?

The negotiation / evaluation

You need to have a psychological advantage over the seller.


The rentability

Who will be my tenants?

How many minutes by road do they work?

How much will they be willing to pay?

I need to know how much my investment will make me, I need to be SURE of the return, NO THEORIES.

The condition of the property

Do you know how to notice the flaws and highlight the merits?

Often a small arrangement makes all the difference in the world.

Resale strategies

If you buy an excellent apartment in the right area, you already know how much you can sell it for. Marketing does its part.

The financial part is clear

Immobilia Real Estate has developed a calculation method that shows all the numbers of the operation,
a clear photograph, without surprises.

  • Ever heard of OPM?Better to use bank money if possible. Do you know the importance of leverage or do you always use all your own money?
  • Contracts and the legal aspectMastery of the system, knowledge of contracts and rights.
  • The allies, an army by your sideYou need to have a staff at your disposal: for the legal part, restructuring specialists, the best brokers, specialized agents for long and short-term rentals and above all specific agents for resale.
  • A structure for property managementYou must have someone who manages the property at 100% directly on site. This point is fundamental.

    The tailor-made services offered by Immobilia Real Estate bring great results through impeccable activity, an all-encompassing service, personalized attention and greater flexibility.